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“Just like a good wine, good tea is also the result of skilled processing and blending. Try a cup of our tea and you will taste the difference, we guarantee it.” 

At Natural Tea Source, we are here to offer you the very best tea experience. Our tea leaves and herbs are infused with passion and our teas infuse the world with peace and well-being one sip at a time.

We select our ingredients based on quality, service, sustainability programs and ethical business practices.

We are a leading producer/blender for specialty blends and private label teas. We offer Black, green, herbal, specialty teas, iced tea and instant mix in bulk or packaged. The strength of our business comes from our extensive knowledge and experience in the tea industry. We have the expertise to develop blends and products that meet our client’s needs.

We create incredible tea flavors you won’t find anywhere else and we’re constantly developing new ones every day, for our customers. We will listen to your suggestions and blend the perfect teas to meet your needs.

What makes our tea different is our passion of blending, commitment, expertise and quality ingredients that make our tea program truly memorable. From loose leaf to tea bags, we use only the very best tea ensuring a consistently, delicious cup of tea every time. We offer the highest quality teas and herbs, superior flavor and an upscale aesthetic packaging for private label. Our authenticity and experience are our points of difference. We offer a variety of packaging options to suite any customer’s needs, bulk, loose leaf, tea bags and gift able items. Our commitment is to deliver a quality product to you.

Our state-of-the-art facility is able to pack every style of tea bag and every blend is tasted and evaluated for flavor quality and consistency before it is packed into tea bags. We offer pyramid silken sachets, bio-degradable sachets, pillow style bags, flow-thru single or double chamber, tagless bags, round tea bags and filter tea bags for Iced Tea.

Our teas are carefully selected to ensure that each tea deserves the “Natural Tea Source” premium stamp. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our teas & tisanes.

Call today and request for our “Everyday” Specialty Loose Leaf Pricing. We offer packaging in 2lb bags, 5lbs, 10lbs and more.

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If you are interested in our Iced Tea, we offer Private Label on our “Everyday” Ice Tea Blends or we can custom blend for you.

Call today and request for our Iced Tea Price List and packaging options.

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