Custom Blends / Private Label

We can provide you with many services and solutions. Our passion, commitment, expertise and ingredients make our tea & coffee program highly valuable.  We can formulate, design and manufacture your teas and coffee and guide you through your journey. We will design your company image, logo and packaging to create your own unique line of tea and coffee.

Hot or Cold we are here to help you.

If you are starting a new tea or coffee business or supplementing your existing line we can fulfill your need. Our state of the art blending and packaging facilities for tea and coffee are able to meet the food safety and production needs and are equipped to handle the variety of different types of packaging.

Service range from product design, formulations and manufacturing with emphasis on quality, price and service. We offer certified organic, kosher facility as well as a GMP, HACCP, QMS facility.

We currently source our teas, herbs, botanicals, spices and coffee from many origins around the world.

We are an industry leader in innovative product development and our Research and our development team is constantly creating specialty and exotic blends for tea, herbs and coffee for our clients around the world. If you have your own R & D department, we can assist you with ingredients, blending, and packaging to your specifications.

We are well versed with market conditions and we are dedicated to providing you an environment that promotes growth, goodwill and success.

Whether it is new product development, sourcing, custom manufacturing, private label, consulting, or trade services, we are here to serve you.

We can supply you with the highest quality, fresh specialty products to your door.

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Botanicals
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Custom Blends and formulations
  • Customized Design/Logo
  • Decorative Packaging
  • All types of bagging
  • Organic
  • Kocher
  • Fair Trade
  • Natural and Organic flavor and product options

The romance and extraordinary variety of teas & coffee in the world, coupled with its remarkable history, makes your beverage program a marketing dream.

We build one client at a time and treasure each client as we do with our products.

Contact us today so that we can create awesome blends and help you grow your business.