About Us

Natural Tea Source & Top Roasters are divisions of The East American Group (EAG) providing teas, herbs, spices, and coffee.

The East American Group (EAG) offers a variety of different products under raw ingredients and packaged  goods for retail, food service and private label industry.

Tea Packs is our online store, offering our brands and is a division of EAG. Our brands are sold worldwide to national retail stores, gourmet stores and food service.

Our  Premium Brands: Café Azteca, Tea of Life & Dil’s Royal Tea. 

With over 35 years of experience, we have painstakingly searched the globe, established long-lasting relationships with farmers, growers, producers, suppliers to ensure we are only sourcing the very best for you. With our finest selection of high quality ingredients, to ensure our stringent quality standards are met, we only approve products that can deliver consistency and quality.

We provide a variety of products and packaging, to meet the needs of food service, office, grocery, specialty retail chains, warehouse clubs, gourmet stores and online stores.

We serve our quality products to North America and around the world.

We are passionate and dedicated to providing you with quality products, great value, variety, convenience and excellent services. Our experienced and helpful Research and Development team can create custom formulated products according to your market desires and specifications.

What makes us different to other companies is our passion of blending, commitment, expertise and ingredients that make our program truly memorable. At the end of the day we want you to know that you made the right decision to put your needs in our hands.

For packaging for private label we can offer you an abundance of options to choose from all aesthetically pleasing and quality materials to give that aesthetic edge, artistic appeal, or further compliment the product within. We know what it takes to bring a product to the marketplace. We are flexible and have proven to custom-tailor working relationships to fit a very wide variety of customer demands, chances are we can help you too.

Contact us for your raw ingredient needs or for your private label needs and let us help you bring your brand to life!